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Microsoft Edge Dev now lets you nickname passwords

You can now nickname passwords in Microsoft Edge Dev, making them easier to identify.

What you need to know

  • Microsoft recently rolled out an update to Edge Dev that brings the browser to version 106.0.1349.
  • The update adds the option to label passwords with a nickname to easy identification.
  • The latest version of Edge also includes a long list of fixes and general improvements.

Microsoft just released an update to Edge Dev that brings the browser to version 106.0.1349.1. The update brings the option to nickname passwords, which makes them easier to identify. There is also the normal range of fixes and general improvements.

Edge Dev version 106.0.1349.1 adds History Date Filtering on the full page for History and new policies related to upstream and downstream changes.

Added features:

  • Added new policies from upstream and corresponding downstream changes
  • Added History Date Filtering on the full page for History
  • Enabled the Password nickname feature

Improved reliability:

  • Disabled pinning options in the menu for a specific website, if the website is already pinned to the taskbar
  • Improved smart history searches (e.g.: “videos from last week”)
  • Improved camera feature for websites on Android

Changed behavior:

  • Fixed an issue where certain address bar instant answers were unnecessarily truncated
  • Fixed Narrator announcements in Settings 
  • Fixed various crashes
  • Updated a Policy, so when signed into Microsoft Edge with a work or school account (AAD), feedback is associated with account and organization 
  • Fixed an issue where feedback cannot be sent from within the side pane
  • Fixed an error when attempting to generate a QR code on Android 
  • Fixed a crash when changing profiles on iOS

You can download Microsoft Edge Dev from Microsoft’s website or try out the other Insider versions of the browser.

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