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‘New’ adds weather, news, and other widgets [U: Testing continues]

Hello Dear Friends welcome to Gadgetsprime today in this article we are talking about ‘New’ adds weather, news, and other widgets [U: Testing continues]. With your Google Nest or Home speaker or display, you can listen to the current weather and upcoming forecast for your location using only your voice.

You’ll get updates for meaningful changes in the weather like forecast swings for high winds, rain, or snow at places you may be interested in visiting in the next few hours.

Google always puts its best to come up with the most refined interface. And it is also proven historically that it provides a clan interface that primarily aims to offer a decent search field.

And as news continues to hit, Google Search is now testing a series of cards on the desktop web for an experience similar to Discover.

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‘New’ adds weather, news, and other widgets [U: Testing continues]

The Google homepage has historically been known for providing a clean interface that primarily offers a Search field. Google Search is now testing a row of cards on desktop web for an experience that’s similar to Discover.

Update 8/31: Over the past day, widgets have appeared on the Google Search homepage for more people. The cards themselves are mostly unchanged, but what’s very odd is that there’s no “Hide content” switch in the bottom-right corner.

There are also zero customization options like with the “new” prompt that first appeared earlier this month. Hopefully, this is not the final form of this feature.

Update 8/4: Following the original February appearance that ended after a few days, widgets on the Google homepage are being more widely tested. In recent days, we’ve had two reports of people temporarily seeing it live.

What’s new is a “Meet the new” card that prompts you to “Sign in to customize.” After doing so, tapping “Make the space yours” opens a “Hi, What are you interested in?” window that lets you customize the widgets. Available options include:

Meanwhile, by default, the cards are now expanded to be squares rather than shorter rectangles. This allows for more information to be shown at a glance.

This experience being branded as the “new” is quite interesting given the company’s previous insistence that homepage remain minimalist. That said, these items might be helpful, while the user-facing announcement suggests that a wider launch could be near.

For some time back, widgets appear on the Google Search homepage for numerous people. To experience the latest of its customisation done.

However the cards remain unchanged, but the “odd one out” thing to notice is that there’s no “Hide content” switch in the bottom-right corner.

Meet the new page now adds cards that let you make the space your opens a “Hi, What are you interested in?” window that lets you customize the widgets. Available options include:

1. Air Quality

2. Cryptocurrency

3. Stock Market

4. Your Top Stocks

5. Events Nearby

6. Weather

7. Trending Searches

8. Top Stories

9. Sports

10. What to Watch

The sizes of cards are pretty good and the CSS layout looks more attractive. The launch is near and we all will experience it soon. These cards will be visible at the very bottom of

The “new” experience gives the home page a branded and unique appearance. As compared to the previous traditional homepage.

On the other hand, Google captures your zip code/city and offers information which is based on your past activity. At the same time, the window is fully expanded, and it offers the six cards as well as they all expand on hover.

a. Weather: Condition (with) icon + temperature. Three-day forecast on hover

b. Trending: Cover image with a search count

c. What to Watch: Shows and movies with cover art

d. Stocks/markets: Day graph on hover

e. Local Events: With the date

f. COVID News

In addition to this, Tapping opens the full web result. Along with the usual Knowledge Panel card and/or related Google Search experience.

To be noted, the number of cards that appear depends on the size of your screen. However, there’s no way to scroll and see more unless physically expanding the window.

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