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Death Stranding Confirmed for Xbox Game Pass PC, Will Release This August 23

The arrival of Death Stranding on Xbox Game Pass PC has been confirmed now, the game will launch on August 23, 2022.

After several days of teasers that left very little doubt, Microsoft announced a few minutes ago the arrival of Death Stranding, the latest work by Hideo Kojima, on Xbox Game Pass PC. Check out the complete details below.

Death Stranding Will be Released on Game Pass PC This August 23

As revealed by a tweet showing the protagonist Sam Bridges holding a briefcase, Death Stranding will be available in Xbox Game Pass for PC as early as next week, and more precisely from Tuesday 23rd August. On the same day, other titles will also join the service, as announced in recent days.

The arrival of Death Stranding on PC Game Pass could boost subscriptions to the service, but this in no way indicates that the game will be released on Xbox consoles any time soon. Sony holds the publishing rights on consoles (initially Death Stranding was PlayStation exclusive), but it is 505 Games to publish the port on PC.

“For those now eager to check out DEATH STRANDING with PC Game Pass, we share your excitement,” the studio said. “The version you will play on PC Game Pass will include the same features as the Steam and Epic Games Store editions. This includes high frame rate, photo mode, hard mode and cross over content from familiar franchises such as Half-Life and Cyberpunk 2077.”

“DEATH STRANDING has a strong underlying message that revolves around community and connections, and we cannot wait to take this opportunity to connect with more Porters! We are genuinely so excited to be welcoming more of you to this wonderfully active community. You know how much we love a community event here, so expect more of these in the future,” the studio further commented.

Recall that Death Stranding is about Hideo Kojima’s last game, which was quite viral due to the peculiarity of its gameplay, where the quick summary that became popular was that you would be a kind of delivery man in a story that offers you some 50 hours of gameplay.

Death Stranding is available on PC, PS4, and PS5.

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