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Nothing Phone (1) to get Android 13 update next year, confirms company

Hello Guys, Today in this article we are talking about Nothing Phone (1) to get Android 13 update next year, confirms company. Once the Android 13 Beta OTA comes through, you may set up it like a everyday machine update. After the set up manner has finished, simply reboot your device while prompted.

The Nothing Phone (1) boasts an elygant style that involves existence with lovely symbols to allow an enriched connection among you and your device. Moreover, its simplistic layout guarantees which you are in no way out of the limelight anyplace you go. Intuitive Glyph Interface.

Nothing Phone (1) to get Android 13 update next year, confirms company

The corporation has showed that a 120Hz display screen might be located on the the front of the phone. Have in thoughts that this came about via a TikTok video, that’s simply one of the higher methods to get in contact with the more youthful generation.

However, despite the phone getting a promised 3 years of system updates, it seems like Nothing will take some time before it delivers the next version of Android on the Phone.

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Nothing Phone (1) to get Android 13 update next year

Nothing Phone (1) will be getting the Android 13 update, but it won’t be happening this year. The company shared this update in a report by Android Authority on Monday. Nothing was expected to be proactive with software updates for its first smartphone, the Nothing Phone (1) but a recent comment by founder Carl Pei suggested otherwise.

Replying to a tweet asking about the Android 13 update for the Phone (1), Pei said, “a product is more than just its specs, features and version numbers.” This left many people confused about the company and its software rollout plans for its smartphone.

However, the update commitment on the Nothing Phone (1) isn’t exactly top-tier. The device is promised three years of major Android updates and four years of bi-monthly security updates.

By comparison, Google offers three years of major Android updates and five years of monthly security updates on its latest Pixels, and Samsung offers four years of major Android updates on its Galaxy smartphones.

Nothing Phone (1) to get Android 13 update next year, confirms company

To put into perspective, the Nothing Phone (1) will receive the Android 13 update almost six to nine months after other smartphones from companies like Google, Samsung, Motorola and more.

Google has already started rolling out Android 13 for most of its smartphones, including the latest Pixel 6, Pixel 6 Pro and the Pixel 6a. Samsung has also announced the One UI 5 update based on Android 13.

The statement from Nothing comes after CEO Carl Pei replied to a tweet asking about the Android 13 update on August 17, 2022. On August 17, journalist Nicolas Lellouche replied to a Tweet by Carl Pei and asked whether the company is planning to launch Android 13 on the Phone (1).

Surprisingly, Pei responded within a few minutes, saying, “A product is more than just its specs, features, and version numbers.” From what it looks like, Pei did not deny that Phone (1) will get Android 13, but he did not accept either.

The Phone 1 has had a rocky start with quality control issues being talked about and shared across the internet and the last thing that Nothing needs now is non-optimised software. For what it’s worth, the brand has been fairly quick to respond and hopefully, Android 13, as and when it arrives, would be worth the wait.

For a skin that’s relatively close to stock, this timeline is pretty surprising. It’s especially tough to see what’s taking Nothing so long, given Samsung is expected to release its first stable Android 13 updates as soon as October or November. Even OnePlus, with its less-than-ideal turnaround, will likely have a few Android 13 updates out by the end of the year.

In the Nothing OS version 1.1.3 update rolled out last week, the company has added new features, several camera improvements, bug fixes, and performance optimisations. The update is 64.33MB in size.

But keep in mind there’s also chipset manufacturer’s role in update testing as well, which can often lead to delays. This could be the reason why Nothing might take longer with the update.

Frequently Asked Question ( FAQs )

Why do Android phones not get updates?

Due to a process called fragmentation, Android phones often don’t receive updates and patches in a timely manner. That’s because Android is a licensed operating system that’s often customized by third parties.

What is new in Android 13?

Android 13 isn’t just about adding new features to phones. It is also about bringing more features to tablets and making the software better optimised for bigger screens and other form factors. There’s better productivity, multitasking on tablets, a new taskbar, better split-screen view, to name some features.

What happens when a phone is no longer supported?

Your phone will no longer be able to make phone calls. Apps and websites will not work over a cellular connection. You will not be able to dial 911. The phone will still be able to work over WiFi for certain tasks

Is Android 13 coming to Samsung?

Many Samsung users look forward to trying out the new Android 13 features. Samsung Galaxy S22 series phones will be the first to receive the Android 13 update. Samsung will provide the Android 13 update with its next One UI version, called One UI 5.

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