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Electronic Arts Is Reportedly Being Purchased By Amazon

GLHF sources claim that Amazon is prepared to buy Electronic Arts.

Update: According to a recent story from CNBC, Amazon will not be making a bid for EA.

Original Story: According to GLHF, Electronic Arts, the company that publishes games like Apex Legends, FIFA, Battlefield, Need for Speed, Dead Space, and others, is being acquired by Amazon. Additionally, the announcement is planned for today. See the whole information below.

Electronic Arts To Be Acquired By Amazon

Nowadays, taking over entire publications is commonplace. Microsoft did it with Bethesda, and the agreement with Activision is still coming to an end. There is a risk that Electronic Arts, another very significant party, will also be taken over.

Amazon will declare today that it has submitted a formal bid to Electronic Arts, according to some sources connected to the USA Today website, according to GLHF sources. For a while now, there have been whispers that EA may be purchased, with Apple, Disney, and Amazon among the potential bidders. Amazon would have actually made an offer, claims USA Today.

Given that EA has intriguing franchises that Amazon can use more effectively, an acquisition in and of itself would not be unexpected. Consider launching TV shows on Amazon Prime.

Kirk McKeand, the site’s writer, thinks that EA’s acquisition will let Amazon increase its selection of motion pictures and television shows based on well-known titles like Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Dead Space. According to a recent story from Deadline, Amazon is getting ready to finalise a contract for an episodic adaptation of Mass Effect.

Although the specifics of the merger between Amazon and EA are still unknown, it appears that the leadership of the game publisher will remain unchanged and its internal studios will carry on with their current projects.

Unknown is the dollar value of the agreement between Amazon and EA. Today, August 26, should see the official announcement of the purchase. We won’t know for sure if that’s true until later today, but if it is, we’ll learn more.

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