Why Apple removed this party app from App Store

Apple has removed an iPhone app called Vybe Together from the App Store. As per reports, this app encouraged secret meetings and parties while the world is fighting COVID-19 by isolating indoors. As per a report by The Verge, the app was caught promoting itself via TikTok, showcasing videos of secret parties and encouraging others to join by calling itself a “secret party app”. The app allowed people to apply for entry into a party along with their friends. If the host finds the party people interesting enough, they may approve you to join. As per the website, “address is shown 2 hours before the event starts to approved users.” While the concept of this secret party app is quite attractive it is definitely not advisable to party with strangers during a pandemic. People started venting their frustration on Twitter over the app after New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz pointed out how this app was marketing the idea of having a good party time during a pandemic. After numerous complaints, as per The Verge, it was Apple itself that intervened and pulled it down. In its defence, Vybe Together on its Instagram account wrote: “Blown out of proportion by media. We DO NOT CONDONE LARGE GATHERINGS.”

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