There’s a new Facebook Messenger ‘video scam’ that you must know

Fraudsters have found a new way to phish your Facebook login details. The scam starts on Facebook Messenger and ends with you login into a fake Facebook page, giving away your login credentials to a stranger. The scamster first sends a link on Messenger, on clicking the link, you will get to see a video file with the caption “Is it you in the video?”. The moment you click on the video to check whether it is actually you or not in the video, you will be directed to a Facebook login page.

A message will claim that unless you login to your Facebook account, you will not be able to watch the video and this is where the scam is. The scamsters redirect you to a fake login Facebook, that is made to steal your Facebook login details. The moment you type your login details, the scammers take control of your account. “After entering your password, there’s a short delay, as you might expect when logging in to any online service, after which the crooks seem to pick from a range of other scams and redirect you to one of them randomly,” cybersecurity firm Sophos explained in its official blog. This is another classic case of phishing, however, this a smart way to gain the attention of victims by luring them to a so-called video link. If you get any message with a link from any unknown contact it is best to ignore. And while entering login details of Facebook or any other website, always look at the URL and check whether it starts with HTTPS or HTTP. Almost all websites are now following HTTPS protocol and if you are not sure about the URL, then do no enter your login credentials.

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