Air conditioners and coolers from Samsung, Voltas, Thomson and others launched recently

It’s summer season. Mercury is touching almost 40 degrees in many parts of the country. If you are planning to buy a new air conditioner (AC) or air cooler to get relief from scorching heat then there are some new options available in the market. Samsung, Voltas, Haier, Thomson, LG and Panasonic launched their new models/range recently. Here are the models with prices.

1.Thomson air coolers: Available at Rs 5,999 onwards

Thomson entered the air coolers segment in India. The range includes both window and desert air coolers. The company launched three models, one a window cooler (model number CPW50) priced at Rs 5,999, and two desert coolers priced at Rs 7,999 (CPD70) and Rs 9,499 (CPD90) respectively.

2.Haier UV Clean Pro smart AC with voice support: Available at Rs 66,500

Haier launched its new AC with UVC sterilisation feature. Dubbed as UV Clean Pro AC with model number HSU18F-UVSW4B (INV), it will be available in 1.5 ton capacity. The BEE 4-star-rated air conditioner comes with 12 years of warranty on the compressor and is priced at Rs 66,500.

3.Haier CleanCool ACs: Available at Rs 66,000

Haier also launched the CleanCool all season hot and cold air conditioner. The 3-star Haier AC – HSU18CH-TFW3B (INV) comes with Triple Inverter Plus technology for self-adjusting the temperature. It is available at Rs 66,000.

4.Voltas Maha Adjustable Inverter AC in India: Available at Rs 69,990

Voltas launched its range of Maha-Adjustable Inverter ACs that claim to offer ‘Flexible Air Conditioning’ that allows users to choose from multiple ton options. The new ACs give consumers the ability to switch within 0.75 ton, 1 ton, 1.2 ton, 1.5 ton and 2 ton models, depending on the ambient heat or number of people in the room.

5.TCL smart AC range in India: Available at Rs 33,990 onwards

TCL launched its Healthy Smart AC Ocarina series in the country. The smart TV comes with B.I.G Care & UVC Sterilization Pro that can remove more than 98.66% of bacteria. The AC range claims to offer bacteria eliminating rate of more than 98.66%.

6.Samsung 2021 range of ACs: Available at Rs 36,990 onwards

Samsung launched its 2021 range of ACs in India. The consumer electronics brand launched wind-free ACs with enhanced smart controls and PM 1.0 filters, convertible 5-in-1 inverter ACs with tri-care filters, and hot and cold inverter ACs. The new range of inverter ACs claim to offer 10-years warranty on compressor and 5 years on condenser and PCB.

7.LG 5-in-1 convertible ACs: Available at Rs 39,990 onwards

LG launched 2021 range of DualCool 5-in-1 convertible ACs in India. It claims to come with features like UV nano sterilization, HD filter with anti-virus protection, dedicated air purification and Wi-Fi support. The range comprises both split and window ACs priced at Rs 39,990 and Rs 36,990 onwards respectively.

8.Voltas Fresh Air Coolers

Voltas launched its Fresh Air Coolers range in different tank capacities and five sub-categories: Room Air Coolers, Desert Coolers, Tower Coolers, Window Coolers and Personal Coolers. They claim to offer features like smart humidity controller, honeycomb padding, turbo air-throw, mosquito repellant, and more.

Air conditioners and coolers from Samsung, Voltas, Thomson and others launched recently

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